The Origin Healthcare signifies the luxury of a 5 star hotel. The Hospital has three world class operation theaters.

We are having a dedicated team to make the journey of nine months pregnancy with delivery a memorable experience for the new parents and the new born, the OPD counseling and consult of the expecting mothers prepare them thoroughly for the time when they are going to deliver. The labour room is equipped with best of the facilities to support the laboring mother with an adjoining OT in case of an emergency which is functional 24X7 with the support staff.

We at the Origin Healthcare, treat the full spectrum of gynecologic conditions that include menopausal symptoms, pelvic pain, Fibroids, Incontinence, Abnormal Uterine bleeding, Abnormal pap smears, Vulvar abnormalities & Menstrual complaints.

Physiotherapy to monitor the health status of the expecting Mother and new Mothers with breast feeding guidance by the experts from the field on a regular basis.

The Origin Healthcare has a gift for maternity / new born products and a Coffee shop.

Surgical Procedures Performed

Removal of Fibroids

Removal of Fibroids is a surgery in which benign growth on uterus is removed some times if the case is complicated and the family is completed whole of the uterus can also be removed. It can be done Laparoscopically and as Open Surgery also.

Removal of Uterus

For any disease of the uterus where a woman has completed her family removal of uterus can be done Vaginally , Laparoscopically and as Open Surgery also.

Removal of Ovarian Cyst

In reproductive age group ,there are sometimes swelling on the Ovary are found which need Surgical intervention which can be done laparoscopically at our place

Ectopic Pregnancy

If a pregnancy happens other than Uterus is called Ectopic can be managed medically and Surgically

Family Planning Surgery

We do laparoscopic Tubal ligation and Non-Scalpal Vasectomy for female and male who has completed their family.

Pap Smear

As a routine screening for all the women area of of reproductive age groups done on OPD basis.

HPV Vaccinations

For teen age and young females to prevent Cervical Cancer Vaccination is given in three doses on OPD basis.

Antenatal Vaccinations

Of a pregnant mother as advise by WHO along with Flu vaccination at the time seasonal changes as advise by the Obstetrician.

Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis is a painful condition in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus (the endometrium) grows outside your uterus. Treatment for endometriosis frequently involves medication or surgery. 

Cervical Cancer Vaccination

A virus known as the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is the major factor in more than 99% of cervical cancers. Prevention by vaccination is the most effective option for cervical treatment.

The Origin Healthcare Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • The Origin Healthcare has been working to provide the best childbirth and Maternity care.
  • Birthing Centre where every mother has one of her beautiful experience of giving birth to a new born and herself all over again. in the comfort of helping and homely nursing and doctor staff.
  • Best equipped NICU to support and take care of the New born with any difficulties or developed any complications later.
  • Dedicated over area of 2500 Sq fts working to give best of the personal care to every patient who comes across the clinic .
  • Separate Nursing area, proper feeding area.
  • Skilled team of Pediatrician who works for the betterment.
  • Our NICU nurses are specially trained and experienced to provide the quality of care to the new born and their mothers .
  • Our skilled physicians are capable of taking care of various pediatric ailments like cough and cold, Vaccination, Food allergies ,Diarrohea ,Colic pain ,Vomiting ,Fever and any other seasonal health problems which new parents have difficulty in handling on their own.
  • We provide Nutrition and diet counseling for toddlers to teenage that there is healthy diet plan for kid of every age group.
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