Which surgery is better- Laparoscopy or open surgery?

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Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure used to examine the organs inside the abdomen. It is also called diagnostic laparoscopic. The surgical procedure is called a minimally invasive procedure.

How does Laparoscopy surgery work?

Which surgery is better- Laparoscopy or open surgery

Best laparoscopic surgeon in Gurgaon: Laparoscopy surgery is performed under general anesthetic, so you will be unconscious the whole time and you have no memory of it, so, don’t worry about it. Depending on your treatment or procedure is performed, you will ask not to eat and drink before surgery for 6 hours max. And if you are taking any type of blood-thinning drugs or medication, the surgeon asks you to stop it for a few days before surgery. And ask you to stop smoking, if you are a daily smoker. The surgeon makes an incision or a keyhole below your belly button and then inserts a small tube called a cannula. The incision or a keyhole is almost a 1 or 1.5 cm. A tube is a cannula inserted through incision and carbon dioxide pumped through the tube to inflate your abdomen (tummy). Inflate means expand your abdomen. Inflation your tummy helps a surgeon to see your organs clearly to operate. Then laparoscope is inserted through an incision. The laparoscope relays images to a television monitor, where the surgeon can see the clear picture of what are they doing. After doing your treatment, the surgeon let out carbon dioxide from your tummy and the hole is closed by stitches or clips. Then the nurse will do the proper dressing. Laparoscopic Clinic in Gurgaon has the best laparoscopic surgeons that know the importance of little mistake can risk their patients’ life.

How does open surgery work?

This is traditional surgery. Open surgery means cutting of skin and tissues, so that, the surgeon has a full view of the organs involved. Then, the surgeon operated the treatment. After that, the surgeon closed cuts by stitches. Then the nurse will do the proper dressing.

Why laparoscopy surgery is better than open surgery?

Working in a laparoscopy way has several advantages compared with open surgery.

1) It involves fewer cuttings and gives fewer scares.

2) The scares will heal faster and the patient can leave the hospital faster.

3) You can start working daily and normal work activities sooner.

Precautions after the surgery:

Precautions are necessary to follow after the surgery, so that, the wound does not go bad.

1) Leave the adhesive bandage or dressing on the incision for two-three days. During the period, leave the area dry and avoid taking a shower.

2) Remove the bandage after three days of doctors’ instruction.

3) The patient can resume taking a shower after doctors’ instruction.

Risks are there in every surgery. The surgeon has to be careful with its technique. The risks like a blood transfusion and may get an infection or a blood clot. Best laparoscopic surgeon in Gurgaon, with them, patients do not have to worry. The staff is well-experienced. That is why, people shifted towards Laparoscopic treatment because of fewer cuttings, and also it is safer.