What are the effects of irregular periods on fertility?

Best Gynaecology in Gurgaon: Can you get pregnant if you are suffering from irregular periods? Yes, you can but with the limited chance to get pregnant. It is difficult for you then with the regular periods. Irregular periods refers to an erratic menstrual cycle that indicates an abnormal variation in the ovulation period. Irregular periods or abnormal periods account for most cases of female infertility. Visit Best Gynaecology in Gurgaon near you.

What are irregular periods?

A regular cycle happens every 28 days, give or take 7 days. An irregular period occurs more often than 21 days. Irregular periods can come early, missed, or stay longer than 8 days. Pregnancy, starting or stopping birth control creates erratic periods.

What is the cause of irregular periods?

Various factors cause irregular periods. A hormonal disorder like:


PCOS is a common endocrine disorder affecting 1 in 8 women. Not everyone with PCOS will experience infertility, but many will take longer to get pregnant.

2) Hypothyroidism (deficiency of thyroid hormones)

A deficiency of thyroid hormones can cause irregular periods, as well as infertility. Other possible symptoms of a thyroid imbalance include weight changes, difficulty falling asleep or feeling tired all the time, unexplained anxiety or depression, or problems with constipation or diarrhea.

3) Obesity

Obesity is the most usual preventable reason for irregular periods and reduced fertility. Obesity can cause irregular cycles as well as difficulty conceiving. Sometimes, weight problems are affected by an underlying and undiagnosed hormonal imbalance. For example, both PCOS and hypothyroid can cause sudden weight gain and difficulty with losing weight.

Other causes of irregular periods like using birth control pills, excessive exercise or physical activity, stress or using an Intrauterine device, etc.

But the question aries that can you get pregnant with the irregular periods?

Yes, she can because a woman with irregular periods still ovulates, So, getting pregnant with an irregular period is conceivable. But odds of pregnancy with irregular periods may be bound. In case you have an underlying medical condition like PCOS, treating that condition may improve your chances of pregnancy.

How do you treat irregular periods?

The treatment of irregular periods depends upon the causes of irregularity. The treatment also depends upon when you get to know about it. But certain remedies can help you to get your cycle back on track like:

1) Exercising regularly

2) Maintaining a healthy weight

3) Avoiding oily and spicy foods

4) Follow proper nutrients to your diet

5) Avoiding taking birth control pills in excess

When to go to Best Obstetrics and Gynaecology Treatment Hospitals in Gurgaon for help?

You should see your Best Gynaecology in Gurgaon if you are missing your periods for three months regularly or having heavy and painful periods that last longer than a week.